1. The shipping costs - national

The flat shipping fee of 4.95 euros already covers everything. The total includes both environmentally friendly packaging and postage costs. From an order value of 100 euros we deliver free of charge.

2. The shipping costs - internationally in the Eurozone.

- Parcels up to 10.0 kg 18.00 euros incl.VAT per package
- Parcels up to 20.0 kg 23.00 euros incl.VAT per package
- Parcels up to 31.5 kg 29.00 euros incl.VAT per package

An example:

Your delivery consists of 2 packages. The first package weighs almost 30 kg, so it is in the highest weight class. The second package is, by comparison, a lightweight of 9 kg. So in the first weight class.

Calculation: 29.00 euros + 18.00 euros = 47.00 euros total price for shipping both packages.

There is also an order value for shipping to neighboring countries, from which we bear the costs alone. From 750, - Euro order value, the goods come to you "free house". Experience has shown that the delivery time within the Eurozone is about 5-8 working days.

3 The packaging of your order.

As far as it is compatible with the safety of the goods, we only choose environmentally friendly packaging. Of course, it is also important that the goods arrive safely and intact. We achieve this security with double-walled cardboard boxes. Sufficient filling material inside the boxes prevents damage.

4 Logistics of your delivery.

We only work with DHL when delivering your order. So we can automatically add the DHL tracking code to your shipping confirmation. This code enables you to conveniently check the current status of the delivery of your order from your PC. You can see practically in real time whether your order has arrived in the logistics center, has already arrived on the vehicle transport to you or maybe has already arrived at your delivery address.

DHL delivers to you from Monday to Saturday. If DHL does not meet you at home, the package is ready for you at your nearest post office. You can pick it up yourself or arrange a new delivery date.

The details and further information on the DHL delivery service can be found on the DHL website.

5. Our delivery times.

Your order from i-mondi ensures clarity in delivery times. Our shipping department will automatically work for you when we receive your payment. This time differs depending on the payment method. Experience has shown that the delivery of your order takes about 2-3 working days after receipt of payment. Since it can happen that an article is not immediately available from stock, we point out the changed delivery time on the article page. 

In order to make our service as convenient as possible for you, deliveries can also be arranged on a specific date. However, this requires prior consultation with our shipping department. You can find the contact information at

Die Versandkostenermittlung steht Ihnen nur zur Verfügung, wenn Sie etwas im Warenkorb haben.

* Alle Preise inkl. gesetzlicher USt., zzgl. Versand