Our company’s name “i-mondi“ combines “I” for ideas and “mondi” -derived from the Italian- for worlds. According to our dream of mindscapes, we selected a conventionalized DaVinci’s bicycle ornithopter as our logo. Of one’s own accord and with unconditional dedication we start off and stay in motion! This is what we and our logo stand for. Just like the well –known genius and universal talent DaVinci, we want to be pioneers inspiring all fans of arts and crafts with our ideas and creations.


i-mondi- for the joy of doing handicrafts and for friends of arts and crafts

With our assortment of merchandise we- as a still young and ambitious company- want to cater to all fans of arts and crafts to help them let their imagination run free. Our initially small range of products will steadily be enlarged. So please visit us frequently and discover every time new and exciting products for your hobby. And as we are devoted to present best value and service for our customers, please keep us informed about any need of improvement, feedback, compliments or critics that occur while doing business with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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